Nauiyu Nambiyu Trip 2

Nauiyu Nambiyu & Red Dust | Nauiyu Nambiyu (Daly River), Northern Territory

Daisylegs has been really fortunate to be involved with Red Dust, a not for profit organisation. Red Dust partners with remote Australian communities to deliver health promotion programs, using sport, music, art and dance. We’ve made a number of trips to remote communities to help run art classes. We have have been lucky enough to see some beautiful country, had some amazing times and met some wonderful people.

This was our first trip together to the beautiful Northern Territory community of Nauiyu Nambiyu. It was an exciting time to go to Nauiyu for a few reasons. It was the last week of school for the kids at Woolliana and we were there to paint murals and to help celebrate the end of the year. The wet season was starting too, which meant amazing clouds and thunderstorms every afternoon. It was also mango season and there were mangos absolutely everywhere. Jamie got a little bit excited by this and managed to inflict himself with the nasty mango rash. The highlight of the week though was receiving beautiful Christmas cards hand made by the kids.

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